Finally! A Fundraising Idea that Works

My Can Drive is a unique fundraising platform that will save you time and maximize donations.

Who needs this product?

​Schools, youth groups, church groups, school clubs, sports teams, or any nonprofit who want to raise money.

Don’t turn your team members into little salespeople

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Tired of selling overpriced products? Dread asking the same people to donate again?

Did you know there’s a better way to fundraise? No need to badger relatives and coworkers to buy unwanted items.

The “My Can Drive” platform provides everything needed to hold a successful Can Drive event.

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What is My Can Drive?

unique platform to raise money by collecting and returning Michigan cans and bottles. Convert community members into donors easily. You get a donor generating web page.

Donors will sign up for your event to pledge their returnable beverage containers.  You send volunteers out to pick them up on the day of the event.  Your organization keeps 100% of the proceeds from returning cans and bottles.

“My Can Drive” is an easy fundraising system that harnesses the power of the internet.  Connect with members in your community who would love to donate their returnable cans and bottles to your group. It’s a real “win – win” for all!

Meet Fundraising Goals

Does your club or team need new equipment? Or funding for a trip? Maybe something else? You keep 100% of the can and bottle deposits.

Good for Everyone

Two great side benefits to this type of fundraiser: Keep cans and bottles out of landfills or from littering our roadsides.  Teach the importance of recycling to kids.

How It Works

What you will receive:

Event Webpage

An easy way for community residents to sign up to donate their cans to you during your event.


Easy to follow instructions about “how to” promote your can drive event with no money.

Email Reminders

Automated email reminders sent to donors about your event and to save returnables.

Bonus Reports

Get step by step instructions with secret hacks that will save you and your volunteers time while maximizing the amount of donations coming in.

Potential Earnings Calculator

How Many People Will Donate Their Cans & Bottles?

How Many Volunteers Will Help You?



Order today

Set a fundraising goal and decide what area (town, city or county) where your group will pick up cans and bottles.

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Start promoting

Utilize our easy checklist of ideas and forums where you can get the word out about your event.  Encourage your community residents to donate their returnables to your cause.

Day of your big event

Feel great knowing that you are promoting recycling while promoting good will through your community all while raising money for your cause. 



Start Your Fundraiser

Get a team together and sign up for the My Can Drive system.  Review the instructions and decide the date of your fundraiser and the geographic location you will pick up returnable beverage containers.

Get the Word Out

Follow the easy step by step instructions in your kit to tell your community about your event.  Encourage your community residents to donate their returnables to your cause.

Pick up and cash in

Divide the list of resident donors who have pledged their returnable beverage containers and give it to your volunteers to pick up. We teach you the most efficient, time-saving way to cash in.


Per Event

Early Bird Discount


Set up your event

Start setting up today!

This fundraising kit contains:

  • A donor generating web page
  • Publication: "Ultimate Guide to Promote Your Event"
  • Promotional Web Banners
  • Automated email reminders to donors
  • Publication: “How to Organize Your Can and Bottle Drive Event”
  • Geographically organized list of all donors who sign up on your website

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Top 5 Benefits of Recycling Cans and Bottles [Examples]

Top 5 Benefits of Recycling Cans and Bottles [Examples]

Recycling is an environmental care practice that is not only good for our communities, but is good for the world. By choosing to raise money by recycling Michigan cans and bottles, we are teaching our organizations to care on a global scale. Here are five solid reasons why you should consider fundraising by collecting and returning cans and bottles:

Ready to Start?

Did you know in the state of Michigan, retail stores refund an average of $1 million dollars to consumers who return their eligible cans and bottles – every. single. day ?  Yes, that’s right – over $390 million dollars was refunded to consumers last year.* (source).  

Simple. Fun. Efficient.

So easy!  No inventory to manage or overpriced items to sell!  No need to stock or track merchandise!  Just one day and a few volunteers.  Your team keeps 100% of the proceeds!

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