Need to Raise Money? Create an Event Today!

Tired of selling overpriced products?
Dread asking the same people to donate again?

Let us show you an easier more sustainable way to

harvest cash while helping your community.

Who needs this product?

Michigan based youth groups, church groups, school clubs, athletic teams, or any nonprofit can benefit.

Does your club need to fund a trip? Buy new equipment? Purchase educational materials? Something else?

The “My Can Drive” fundraising kit is a powerful way to involve your community and raise money

Keep cans and bottles out of landfills, teach kids the value of recycling and create cash instantly for your organization.


Your fundraiser can be
instantly successful

Fundraising kit features:

Branded Webpage

You will receive an event landing page to give community residents a way sign up and donate their returnables to you.

Email Reminders

All community residents who sign up to donate their returnables will receive automated email notices to remind them of your event.

Easy Instructions

We will teach you our system to maximize your profits. You will receive simple step by step instructions to optimize your time.

Organized Report

To maximize efficiency, you will receive a list of all of your donors geographically organized by neighborhoods. It’s easy to divide the work.

Event Promotion

You will receive a simple “how to” promote your can drive event with little to no budget. Community residents can sign up to donate.

Repeatable System

Rinse, lather and repeat as needed. Your community supporters regularly accumulate returnables and are happy to donate them.

What is “My Can Drive”?   A unique and amazing way to make money by returning Michigan cans and bottles. If you have tried holding a can & bottle drive before, you probably had mediocre results at best. 

You have to knock on a lot of doors to find that some people aren’t home, aren’t interested, or had recently returned most of their empty cans and bottles.  A lot of work for a little money. There has to be a better way!

We get it. Your time and your volunteers’ time is very precious. You need to raise money and have a goal to meet.

What if we told you that you can maximize time for you and your volunteers?

“My Can Drive” is a simple fundraising system that transforms an old fundraising method and puts it on steroids.  We help you connect with many members in your community would love to donate their returnable cans and bottles to your group. It’s a real “win – win” for all!

How does it work? Set a date for your can and bottle drive event.  Pick a geographic area (city or neighborhood) to collect from.

Your group will receive a special web page, easy to follow instructions to promote your event, and marketing materials.  When a community member signs up to donate their returnables through your special webpage, they’ll receive automated email reminders.  They will also be encouraged to ask their friends and family to donate their returnables to your organization too.

How it works …


Pick a Date

After you select a date for your fundraiser, you will receive a special customized webpage with your logo, description of your organization,  and a sign up form. Simply follow the step by step guide to promoting your event online and offline.  Take a look at a sample webpage here.

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Promote Event

As community residents sign up to donate their cans and bottles to your organization, this powerful system will keep them engaged by sending automated, strategically timed emails. They will be encouraged to spread the word and have others participate in your fundraiser.

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Just prior to your event, you will receive a geographically organized list of people who signed up on your website.  You can divide the list among your volunteers to maximize everyone’s time.  As a bonus, you will also receive a special report containing tips to speed up the processing time.

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