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A life of improving processes…


My name is Sheila McRae and I’m the creator of “My Can Drive” fundraising system.  As a kid, I  had an entrepreneurial spirit and experimented with all sorts of business models such as lemonade stands, homemade greeting cards and selling painted rocks door to door. Always curious about what works, what doesn’t, and why.  As an adult, it makes sense that I pursued a career in business operations always looking for ways to work smarter, not harder.

The idea for “My Can Drive” …

One day a friend approached me with a business idea concept:  “Why don’t we start a business to help people take their returnable cans and bottles back to the store?”  We set out on a journey to discover and uncover opportunity.  Six months after launching the business, we took a deeper look at it. Although the business model had some success, we came to the realization that it wasn’t scale-able or sustainable.  Returning beverage containers in Michigan for deposit money can be complex.  Some stores put a limit on how many you can return in a day.  Many stores won’t accept beverage containers from brands they don’t carry.  There was also a nagging feeling that we didn’t want to compete with any of the local youth groups who wanted/needed those returnables to raise money.  After talking with community residents, we found out that they would rather donate their returnable cans and bottles to a worthwhile organization than to deal with the cans and bottles themselves.

I wanted to improve the process…

This new knowledge led me to create “My Can Drive”, an entire digital ecosystem that enables nonprofit organizations to involve their community in easy fundraising efforts.  This system is a real win-win because donors would gladly provide their refundable cans and bottles to organizations who are willing to do the work of returning them.

Purpose and mission…

The mission of My Can Drive is to connect people in the community who want to support local organizations with their refundable cans and bottles.  Keeping cans and bottles out of landfills helps the environment.  In essence, I deeply value:

1.  Community groups that do good things for the people.

2.  Keeping the environment clean and free of materials that can be recycled for useful things.

3.  Peace, love, and joy!




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