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This all-in-one system

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How Much Can You Raise In One Event?
How Many Participating Donors?

How Many Drivers Will Help You?

Your Fundraising Kit Features
An Event Webpage

Select a date for your can and bottle drive event and fill out our worksheet.  We will provide you with a branded web landing page so that residents of the community can sign up to donate.

Automated Emails

Any resident who signs up to donate their returnables for your event will receive 3 automated emails at different times (confirmation email, reminder email and thank you email).

Organized List

We will provide you with a geographically organized list of everyone who signed up for your can drive event.  This will make it easier to divide pickups among your volunteers who will be picking up the cans and bottles.



Why raise money with a refundable can and bottle drive?

Did you know in the state of Michigan, retail stores refund an average of $1 million dollars to consumers who return their eligible cans and bottles – every.single.day ?  Yes, that’s right – over $365 million dollars was refunded to consumers last year.* (source).  

No inventory to manage or overpriced items to sell! No need to stock or track merchandise when you choose to raise money this way.

With a can and bottle drive, you are not asking your donors to open up their wallets. They will gladly give you their returnable cans and bottles because it is an ultra convenient way for them to support you. Your community wants to participate and many households have returnable cans and bottles that they would gladly donate to your cause. This type of fundraiser provides a valuable service for residents who don’t want to deal with taking their cans and bottles back to the store.  It also gives donors the added benefit of knowing that their can and bottle deposit refunds are going toward a worthy cause.

Is this a simple and repeatable system?

Yes, it is very simple and once your website is set up with it’s own URL, you can reuse it for future can drive events.  Try different neighborhoods or suburbs.

Why aren’t can and bottle drives more common?

Holding a can and bottle drive event can be “hit or miss” when you approach every house on the block.  Many people aren’t home, aren’t interested in donating, or maybe they just cashed in their refundable cans and bottles recently. This can waste a lot of volunteer time as they travel from house to house in hopes of collecting.

Our innovative solution 

Our system solves all of these problems.  We provide your organization with a system that will efficiently show you how to harvest valuable cans and bottles from local neighborhoods.  Your time and your volunteers’ time will be dedicated only toward activities that can generate money toward your goal. And you can be assured that the households you visit are happy to see you because they signed up to support you.

How much will this fundraising kit cost?

For a system like this, you might expect to pay $100 or more.  We believe in your success and are charging a mere $28.97 for a one time set up fee and then $.79 cents for every person who signs up on your webpage to participate in your event. If you’re not successful, we aren’t successful.

If someone accidentally signs up twice, will I be charged twice?

Absolutely not.  You will only be charged per individual who signs up.

How and when do I pay?

The set up fee is due when you sign up.  The additional payment for every participating donor who signed up on your site will be due prior to your event when you receive your geographically organized list.  You may pay by credit card or Paypal.

More Added Bonuses
With your purchase, you also receive…

How to Promote Your Event

With this bonus report, you will receive simple clear step by step instructions to help you get the word out on many forms of media.

Predesigned Web Buttons & Banners

Promote your event on your organization’s site with eye catching banners.  Link them to your event site that we will set up for you.

How to Run Your Event

Step by step instructions with shortcut hacks that will guide your team to set up, organize and execute your can and bottle drive event in the most efficient way.

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