We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children.
– Native American Proverb

Our natural resources are not infinite.  The supply is a set amount and some are shorter than others.  Recycling is an environmental care practice that is not only good for our communities, but is good for the world.  By choosing to raise money by recycling Michigan cans and bottles, we are teaching our organizations to care on a global scale.  Here are five solid reasons why you should consider fundraising by collecting and returning cans and bottles:

  1. Recycling aluminum reduces the need for risky mining activities that can have long lasting damaging effects on our environment.  Likewise, glass is made from sand and there are reported instances where sand supply is starting to get low on our planet.
  2. Keeps our soil and water clean by reducing landfill waste.  Landfill waste over time will leak poisonous chemicals onto our land and our water reservoirs. Recycling might not eliminate the need for landfills, but it will have a great impact on reducing it.
  3. Keeps our air clean by reducing greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide. Reducing the amount of waste we dump into a landfill will automatically lower the level of dangerous gases leaching into our atmosphere causing disastrous climate change.
  4. Recycling aluminum, glass and plastic takes much less energy (up to 95% less) than it takes to create these materials from scratch.
  5. It creates jobs.  Think of the employees who sort and handle returnables.  Or the companies that produce the bottle/can return machines at the supermarket.  These are great job creators that are sustainable and work to the benefit of all living beings on this planet.

By teaching our children to care for the environment, we pass down a legacy of stewardship.  Many people don’t care to take the time to return their cans and bottles to the store to get their deposit back.  They would much rather donate them to a good cause – like yours!

When we all work hard together to promote change, it’s a win for our community, a win for our fundraising goals, a win for our environment and a win for a better tomorrow.

Fun Fact: Did you know in the state of Michigan, retail stores refund an average of $1 million dollars to consumers who return their eligible cans and bottles every day? (Every. Single. Day) Yes, that’s right – over $365 million dollars was refunded to consumers last year.* (source).

A great fundraising idea!

Be a fundraising hero with this unique fundraising kit. This is for youth groups, schools, churches who are based in Michigan. Returning cans and bottles is good for your community and the environment!


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