Look behind any successful fundraiser for a small group and you will find a dedicated team of volunteers.  Behind that is an  awesome organizer who can make an awesome experience with an process to onboard and train these volunteers.

This is one of the principles to consider as part of your fundraising strategy.  There are other principles to think about as well.

If your volunteers have a great experience, they’re more likely to tell others, promote your cause and encourage others to join in.

Here are 6 ways to set your volunteers up to be successful:

  1. Get the word out early.  This helps your volunteers to plan their time accordingly in order to support you.  There are several ways to do this, but the best way to get the word out is to call or email each volunteer prospect individually.  You don’t have to leave a long message – just let them know why your group is raising money and how they can help.
  2. Be clear about time commitment and tasks.  They can organize their other activities more efficiently and give you their full attention if they know what they’re going to do and when.  Try to adhere to what you tell them.  Planning goes a long way.
  3. Remind them several days before the event.  This can be an email, a text or a personal phone message. No one wants to forget about a commitment they made.  People get busy with other things.  A reminder will go a long way toward helping them.
  4. Be prepared to provide or ask them to bring supplies or equipment.  Things like work gloves, sunscreen or a rain jacket will help them have a more pleasant experience.  Let’s face it, not every position is glamorous.
  5. Train them well.  Set the tone, make it fun and easy.  Pass out written instructions telling them where to go and what they will be doing.  Give them your cell phone number so they can call or text if they have a question.
  6. Say “thank you” many, many times over.  Show your appreciation for their time and energy to your cause. After the event, follow up with a written thank you note to each individual. Help them see how their efforts contributed to the success of your group’s event.

If you’ve ever been a volunteer for an event, remember what you liked and what the organizer could improve, and then put it into practice.  What was your experience helping out for another group’s event?

A great fundraising idea!

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